Nothing but the truth.

A secure blockchain platform & consumer portal that enables a permanent registry of critical transactions for businessess and transparency to their customers.


Say farewell to fraud.

Our platform makes it easy to verify reducing the risk of compliance breaches and consumers being exploited by fraudulent activity. Unlike spreadsheets that get emailed back and forth, our proprietary database technology helps ensure data integrity.

One platform. One file. One truth.

Creditors, insurance providers, government regulators and others can use CrediVault’s platform as a single source of truth to help avoid fraud, reduce costs, and stay compliant.

Protect your most valuable asset.

Protect your reputation by providing a verifiable record of transactions and documentation throughout the lifecycle of an account and send a powerful message to regulators and citizens that you are committed to transparency and accountability.

Why should you use CrediVault?

The only registry platform leveraging Hyperledger blockchain technology.

A secure distributed ledger platform enhancing data accuracy, version control, transparency, chain of title and immutability of information.

Improves regulatory compliance, consumer protecting brand integrity.

Multiple applications for government, insurance, financial, education, real estate, healthcare sectors and more.


A single, immutable registry and transparent consumer portal makes it easier for businesses and consumers to interact.


Reliable, accurate, and inalterable data means less risk of fraud or damage to your reputation.


Verified information means higher quality portfolios and lower costs for scoring, management, and regulatory compliance.

Certified by CrediVault

Your single source of truth for transactions and records

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